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Please add your hardware

Please add your hardware to our database. We created an automated hardware scan script (see Linux-Hardware-Guide Tools) that takes care of everything.

You have to download the script


and let the program collect your hardware information:

perl scan_hardware

An URL will be provided to you, where you can see your scan results and rate and comment the hardware’s Linux compatibility.

You can combine the two commands with one line of code:

perl <(wget -q -O -)

(The script needs wget and libwww-perl installed. This can be achieved under Ubuntu by the command “sudo apt-get install libwww-perl wget”)

No scans found

Latest Hardware Scans:

For each hardware scan that you upload we place a donation to the Linux distribution that you use (if it accepts donations). The more hardware scans are uploaded from a distribution the higher the donation will be. Currently, the distributions collected the following amount of points:

blackPanther OS
1080 points
Linux Mint
80 points
SPI / Arch Linux
40 points
Gentoo Linux
20 points

Additional options

There are several other options to submit your hardware details:

Option 2: Email

Send an email with all relevant information (lspci, lshw, lsusb, dmesg) and maybe even pictures to

Option 3: Registered user

We think that a up-to-date and extensive hardware compatibility list can only be achieved if lots of users contribute. As a registered user you add can hardware descriptions directly into the database via our web back-end.

Option 4: Submit form

Please use the form below to submit your information anonymously:

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