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My scan at 2016-11-30, 08:49:21
Scan Date:
2016-11-30, 08:49:21
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
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cptpike wrote at 9th of December 2016 10:55:41 PM the following comment:
What type of WiFi adapter is the USB device 0bda:1724? Can you provide some URL from the manufacturer?


Scan status was changed at 9th of December 2016 10:55:56 PM by javkalas from new to ongoing

javkalas wrote at 10th of December 2016 10:52:16 AM the following comment:
Realtek RTL8723AU (802.11b/g/n). I’m using the driver of . I can’t find it on, though it’s listed on e.g. with the same USB id

cptpike wrote at 17th of December 2016 02:59:55 PM the following comment:
Hi! Realtek RTL8723AU is only the chipset of the WiFi stick. Do you also have some product name or brand printed on the stick itself? This chipset is probably used in several different kinds of WiFi sticks.


Scan status was changed at 17th of December 2016 03:00:05 PM by javkalas from ongoing to feedback needed

javkalas wrote at 18th of December 2016 01:43:11 PM the following comment:
It’s not a stick, it’s part of the all-in-one computer

cptpike wrote at 19th of December 2016 10:44:09 AM the following comment:
Thanks for the info. I linked the WiFi USB ID with the Lenovo A740.
All components of the scan have now been added to the Linux-Hardware-Guide.


Scan status was changed at 19th of December 2016 10:44:20 AM by javkalas from feedback needed to complete

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no-image CPU, 2.80GHz
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lexar-workflowcfr1 Compact Flash Reader, USB 3.0
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lenovo-a740-all-in-one-desktop-touchscreen-27-inch All-in-One Desktop, Touchscreen, 27 Inch
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Logitech-Unifying-Receiver USB, Mouse, Keyboard
"Works, but seems to drop out sometimes?"

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